Best of… The Grammy’s

12 Feb
I don’t have the attention span to watch award shows.  I mean, I remember as a kid, I was always SO excited for the Kid’s Choice Awards on Nick (remember those?!) but a part of me almost can’t stomach watching them now.
Maybe it’s because I know so many amazing people in my own life–missionaries, or war veterans, or even moms with three kids under the age of four…  It’s like, when did we decide that because you can sing well (or pretend to be someone else well) that you get the millions of dollars and lavish award shows dedicated to you?   (Personally, being sleep deprived for four years due to your kids not sleeping through the night…I think that’s a lot more admirable than being auto-tuned and wearing skimpy stage clothes.)
Haha.  Look at me waxing poetic.  I will admit I like one thing about award shows–looking at the clothes.
I always play this pretend game with myself where I pick out all the dresses I would wear if I was walking that red carpet.
Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad.  I like the shape and the shimmer, but…I don’t know.  Does it remind you of curtains?
I’m not a huge fan of Katy Perry’s life choices, but I am a fan of this dress.  I love the retro vibe, with the lace overlay.  And you can never go wrong with a little belt!   Dress by Elie Saab.
Adele in Armani.  I’m torn on this.  It’s pretty on her, but kind of…shapeless?  I don’t know.  It’s not wowing me.  I do love her hair and makeup though!

Oh wow.  I didn’t even know Paris was still around.   Her Basil Soda dress is GORGEOUS though.  That gold belt!  And the little lace sleeves!  One of my favorites.
What was your favorite look from the Grammy’s?
[All photos from MTV Style]

One Response to “Best of… The Grammy’s”

  1. The Midwest Muse February 13, 2012 at 12:35 am #

    I never watch award shows and strangely, I am not into any of these dresses.

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