Ruby Woo Loves… Lemon Breeland

10 Feb
There were two reasons I started watching Hart of Dixie on The CW.
One of those reasons was Rachel Bilson.
The other reason was Summer Roberts.
Some of my most formative years were during the epic teen show The OC, and Summer/Rachel was always my favorite favorite.
So, okay, real talk.  I like Hart of Dixie, but it’s the kind of like where I let a few episodes build up on my DVR and then watch them all in one fell swoop while pinning away on Pinterest.
Sure, Rachel is cute as ever, and the accents are kind of charming, but my favorite has to be Lemon Breeland, the show’s kind of witchy female antagonist.
How can someone so mean be so STYLISH?
I love all her little sundresses and lipstick and perfectly coiffed hair.
She’s practically in the family of Ruby Woo!
Okay, so here’s how to imitate her fashion spirit in three easy steps:
1.  Stepford Wife caliber sundress
2.  Bright, happy cardigan
3.  Flower accessory in the hair
Ruby Woo Loves Lemon Breeland

Bernie Dexter pocket dress, $158
Bettie Page print dress, $102
Floral top, $60
Emily and Fin button front cardigan, $35
Pouch handbag, $55
Bow bag, $38
Flower hair accessory, $8

Maybe I could have done Zoe Hart and her formal wear short shorts, but really, I can’t hide who I am.
Lemon, you might be on your way to tying with Dita and Blair. 
Keep up the good work!

One Response to “Ruby Woo Loves… Lemon Breeland”

  1. Donna February 10, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

    Beautiful! I love these styles!

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