NEED: Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch

9 Feb
I love gold!  I love love love it!  
Maybe because it’s kind of nautical, or because it pairs so well with leopard, or because it looks SO chic with black (and navy…and red…)
But, lately, my affection has been shifting towards a newcomer…
This new love comes in conjunction for my family’s love for Michael Kors watches.  (Real talk:  For the last two Christmases, I feel like everyone gave everyone one of those lovely timepieces.)
I already have a beautiful gold (with tortoise-shell face) version and a black with gold trim, but one of my moms (I have two!  Lucky me!) has a beautiful rose gold that I can never stop staring at.
Now that I’m in the mood for some rose-gold, I probably need some jewelry to match, right?!
My favorite one-stop shop for all things jewelry is Baublebar.  They consistently have really beautiful pieces for pretty amazing prices.
Baublebar Pendant necklace.  You get it customized with your Twitter handle!  How cute!  $88
Rose Disco Drops from Baublebar $72
Chained Hybrid bracelet from Baublebar $36
Rosegold bangles from Baublebar
Drop earrings from baublebar $46
You know… basically this entire entry is a chance for me to pretend shop, because the likelihood of me actually buying any of this is slim.
It’s weird.  I can very easily spend money on dresses and coats, but I have a harder time buying jewelry.  Maybe because it’s so small…. 
Oh well.  I will love you forever, Rose Gold.

One Response to “NEED: Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch”

  1. Crishana August 27, 2012 at 10:37 am #

    I love rose gold too! Great post.

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