Five Paychecks to a Better Wardrobe, Part Two!

8 Feb
Welcome to Part Two of the Five Paychecks to a Better Wardrobe!  Read the introduction here!
Read Part One (Coach girl, with $200 to spend) here so you can get refreshed on the basics.  
To review, the pieces that you should buy if you want a classy update to your wardrobe are:

1.  A trench coat

2.  Dark-rinse jeans
3.  The perfect dress
4.  Leopard print flats
5.  Accessories

Today we will be focusing on the Business Class girl.  She has a budget of $300 to spend over five paychecks (or 2 1/2 months).  

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

1.  An amazing coat:  The Trench!

Since we have a little more money to spend, why not look for a classic with an interesting twist?  Black piping or a check print adds a little interest, without getting too crazy.
Modcloth’s Afternoon Uptown coat $89.99
ASOS Checked Trench  $67.14
2.  Denim

Now, I’m not saying this because I worked here for a year, but Abercrombie and Fitch really has some of my favorite jeans.  The low rise fits aren’t friendly for everyone (I’m always tugging mine back up or having to wear a belt), but I love the dark denim, and the soft fabric, and the way they never get stretched out.   Sure, they can be pricey (averaging $70ish a pair), but I always buy mine when they go on clearance, and get good deals.

AnF Skinny Jean
J Crew Matchstick jean in classic rinse

J Crew also has really nice denim, and I love their Matchstick cut.  This is another pant that can be pricey (to the tune of $98), but J Crew has tons of sales, and their jeans are always marked down.  Plus, if you have a Crew Credit Card, you can get free tailoring!

Now, by now, you might have spent around $200 for a nice pair of jeans and a trench, but don’t worry!  We still have $200 left, and the rest is easy!

3.  The Perfect Dress!

I’m going to go with my newly discovered obsession, Dorothy Perkins, for these picks!  I tried to keep these under $75 so that we have plenty of $$ leftover to play with…

Navy V-Neck Peplum $49
Ivory and Black bird print dress $69
Red Ponte Dress $57
Man, I love this site.  So many adorable things for good prices.  Remember: when buying a classic dress, stick to tried and true colors and cuts.  Even the bird print, while borderline trendy, is classic with it’s black and white graphic feel and A-line cut.
4.  Leopard print flats
Me Too “Patty” Flat from Nordstrom $88.95
TOMS Leopard fleece lined slip on $59.95
Aoss Sonita T-Bar shoes $34.91  (Okay, I know these aren’t flats, but close enough!)
5.  Accessories!

Go crazy here!  (But, controlled crazy.  No Spirit hoods, kids.  Keep it classy.)

Elliot Lucca “Lucca” tote $88.90 (50% off!)
Marc by Marc Jacobs “Classic” sunglasses $98

Depending on what combination of things you decided to buy, you’ll come in at or under your budget!  Now….isn’t shopping fun?!?!!?!?
What are some of your favorite classic pieces to buy?!


One Response to “Five Paychecks to a Better Wardrobe, Part Two!”

  1. Chalupa February 9, 2012 at 9:04 am #

    I love the matchstick jeans but they never look that good on real bodies, just the super skinny models.

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