Karen Walker for Anthropologie

7 Feb
Karen Walker is known for her cute, quirky clothing, and from what I’m seeing in the lookbook for her upcoming collaboration with Anthropologie, I’m pretty excited!  (Although, real talk, I don’t ever buy anything from Anthro unless it’s on sale.)
This line reminds me a little bit of Jason Wu’s collection for Target–a retro, feminine feel.
Wow, these clothes are so cute, I can hardly stand it!  Although, I will NEVER understand why some designers use models who look like they just rolled out of bed.  If you’re showing polished clothes, show polished models!  This poor girl looks like she just came off the basketball court.
Look for Karen Walker at Anthropologie in March!
Click here for the full lookbook!

One Response to “Karen Walker for Anthropologie”

  1. Rachael February 10, 2012 at 12:41 am #

    I work right next to Reston Town Center and every time I walk past their Anthropologie I see something in the window I absolutely love….but the few times I've actually walked in, I've walked out /really/ quick because I generally don't have a spare $100 to spend on a dress….That being said, I LOVE the silhouette of those sleeveless dresses- they look incredibly flattering and comfortable (love a dress with pockets). I think the second one down is my favorite, though I also love the blue and white zig zaggy pattern.

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