Cute Dresses under $60

3 Feb
Sooooo, I know this is probably old news to some of you, but I just discovered the clothing site Dorothy Perkins, and HOLY COW, they have some super cute stuff for super cute prices.
Since I am a dress fiend, I always check out the dress selection first, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well-priced and cute everything was!
In fact, in like six minutes, I found eight dresses for under $60 that I could wear ALL the time.  Tights in the winter, bare legs in the summer.  Cardigan for work, cute sandals for the weekend.
Man, oh, man.  If Jason Wu wasn’t right around the corner, I might have broken down and spent the birthday money.
Be strong, Tier!  Be strong!
Cute Dresses under $60

Dorothy Perkins dress, $49
Dorothy Perkins lace dress, $49
Dorothy Perkins dress, $29

Cute dresses under $60

Dorothy Perkins peter pan collar dress, $49
Dorothy Perkins black dress, $59
Dorothy Perkins evening party dress, $49
Dorothy Perkins animal print dress, $39


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