Living Room Inspiration

1 Feb
Now that I am almost finished with my dining room revamp, I have to start thinking about the living room. (Stay tuned for pictures!  Black walls and white moose heads, oh my!)
I currently have cherry hardwood floors with a tan/dark brown couch (and lots of leopard pillows).  The living room is connected to the kitchen via a big island, so I have to think about how all my colors look against my white cabinets and black appliances.
I always lean towards a deep, happy red, but lately I’ve been thinking about maybe sticking to something more neutral so that I can switch up my room accessories whenever I need to.
Some of my restrictions/necessities are that:
My living room isn’t gigantic, and makes an L shape around the kitchen island.  The layout doesn’t let me have a chandelier, or anything hanging down.
I have a lot of friends over all the time, so I need lots of seating where everyone can still see the TV.
I want more bookcases!  I have hundreds of books just chilling in giant boxes.
I don’t have a lot of natural sunlight on this side of the house, and I actually get migraines if there is too much bright light, so I really prefer a dark, cozy room.  One of my friends once told me coming over was like coming over to a comfy cave.  (So true!)
I love leopard and fur!
Here’s some of my current inspiration, via everyone’s favorite obsession, Pinterest.
I like how this is pretty neutral, but then there’s all this cool detail with the pictures.  I like the uniformity of the arrangement.  Maybe all my Vargas girls and old pinups can go there?
I love the dark taupey color of the wall.  I think I could potentially switch out curtains/pillows and not worry about clashing.
I love that stripe around the top of the room!  And the rich chocolate brown.
Oh man…. I can’t look at stuff like this.  I really want to paint my living room black now too!  Maybe I should just paint my whole first floor black–I mean, after the dining room and living room, the only real wall space left is the hallway…
Again, nice neutrals with fun pops of color.  I like the picture arrangement here too!
I could do this on the big wall that holds the biggest section of my couch.  It would solve my book problems…and I could showcase some of my favorite art….
I love big, boxy paneling, and I created my own in my dining room by lots of tape and patience.  I could do the same thing in my living room, only big like this!
Oh man.  Decisions, decisions.
I’m so close to just calling it a day and painting everything black.  
I’m so emo, in my black house and gold accents and leopard print.
That’s not emo.  That’s cool.

One Response to “Living Room Inspiration”

  1. The Midwest Muse February 1, 2012 at 7:50 am #

    Oh golly. I swear that we have almost identical taste and now you've got me dreaming! ALSO I saw on that blog "P.S. I Made This" (I don't know if you read it) that she just posted a DIY blazer collar tutorial. It's basically made for you! Good luck on your house decisions. I can barely decide what to eat for dinner so, I wouldn't be able to do it.

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