Five Paychecks Away from Building a Better Wardrobe: Introduction

1 Feb
The Frisky recently put out an interesting article called “5 Paychecks to a Better Makeup Bag” (although, come on, Frisky editors.  Rules of Grammar!  No starting sentences with a numerical integer, and anytime you have just one number in a sentence, you need to spell it out.  Five Paychecks to a Better Makeup Bag.  See how much better that looks?  xoxo Tierney the English Major)

I thought the concept was amazing, mostly because I know I can feel overwhelmed.  Like, the times I really wish I had some fresh life blown into my closet, but I’m poor and don’t have an extra $300 to shell out at HM.  But, by splitting it up and focusing only on the essentials, you can make your sartorial dreams come true with minimal monetary damage.

I remember all too well the days of going to school full-time, and then working some hourly job part-time.  Money was always tight, but I still wanted to be stylish.  Now, I have a good job with some extra cash to burn, and I can spend a little more on my clothing.  Since we’re all at different stages in life, this series will focus on three levels of “income”, if you will.

Coach will have a total budget of $200 across five paychecks (so, $40 a paycheck).  

Business Class will have a total budget of $300 across five paychecks ($60/paycheck).

First Class will have a total budget of $500 across five paychecks ($100/paycheck).

I am not an advocate of credit card debt–especially for something as trivial (yeah, I said it!) as clothing.  I always recommend saving up for your shopping spree.  By putting a certain amount aside every paycheck, you’ll eventually save up a nice little nest egg that you can spend guilt-free.  (Or, you can buy each piece with each paycheck–whatever works for you!)

Okay, money stuff out of the way, now on to fashionnnn.

I’m going to focus on the classic things every closet should have–regardless of trends.  Some things just never go out of style.  

Check back tomorrow for the first series–Building a Better Wardrobe on an Economy Budget!


2 Responses to “Five Paychecks Away from Building a Better Wardrobe: Introduction”

  1. renata718 February 9, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    I'm looking forward to reading all three closet-refresh plans (not to mention grammar lesson). I thought the rule was to spell out numbers under ten…

  2. Tierney February 9, 2012 at 11:48 pm #

    Haha. If my Grammar class memory serves me correctly, I believe that you spell out any numbers less than ten, or that are one word (like "thirty" or "fifteen").BUT, if you have more than two numbers in a sentence, you are supposed to use numerical integers. (So, I took my 2 dogs on a 113 minute walk.) BUT, let's say there are more than two numbers that are either under ten or only consist of one word, then I believe you can spell them out (like I just did).

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