Christian Dior S12 Couture aka GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!

26 Jan
You all know me well enough by now to know that I love anything retro-inspired.
Give me a nipped in waist and a nice full skirt, and I’m in classy girl heaven.
Let’s do a little real talk:  For as much as I love love love me some fashion, I usually browse through the runway shows and go MEH.  I mean, as much as I love beautiful clothes, when am I ever going to wear that sheer top/skirt combo?  Do you think HR would be okay if I wore a dress made completely out of mink and sequins?  
It’s just that….I’ll never be a Lady Gaga type girl.  (Who, BTW, I’m so TIRED of…)  I don’t like when people dress for the shock value, or the Hey, let’s combine lobsters and glitter and say it’s fashion.  I like things to match and flow.  I like things pretty and aesthetically pleasing.  Maybe that means I’m no fun….  NO.  I’m totally fun.  I just don’t want to wear teapots on my head and call it a day.
Oh man.  Okay.  Focusing.  Sometimes I play this game with myself where I look at clothes and pretend I’m a celebrity.  If I were dressing to be photographed all the time, what would I wear?
My friends, I would wear every one of these gorgeous gowns.  
Let’s ogle a bit, shall we?
[All photos by Yannis Vlamos / c/o]

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