Newlymaid: More LBDs to Make Your Life Happy

24 Jan

One of my favorite bloggers, Grace from Stripes and Sequins, has been doing a series about the building blocks to having true Parisian style.  One of her most recent posts was about the Little Black Dress, and the timing was rather poetic since I got an email from Newlymaid the other week about how the prices of their dresses were dropping.

The concept of Newlymaid is that you can send them one of your old, not-so-cute bridesmaid dresses, and then get a discount on their line of totally cute LBD’s.  With the new site revamp, the prices of their LBD’s dropped, and now you don’t even necessarily need to send them your bridesmaid dress.  (But, I like the idea of sending it in, and having it either recycled or donated.)

The best part?  All the prices are around $60, so you can buy like three and not feel THAT guilty. 

I work in government consulting, and unless clients are going to be around, our workplace dresscode isn’t THAT strict.  I do get teased a lot for wearing all black most of the time, and I love the way these dresses could function as work-appropriate with a chic blazer or comfy cardigan, and then be adorable for after-work dinner and heels.
Man.  Maybe my birthday money is going to get funneled into acquring more black dresses.
They’re like Pokemon, if Pokemon were all the same color and feel and had the same power to make you super chic.
I have to catch them all.
PS:  Newlymaid didn’t pay me for this, and probably has no idea I exist.  I just always get excited about interesting concepts and reasonably priced, super cute clothing. 

2 Responses to “Newlymaid: More LBDs to Make Your Life Happy”

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  2. women models January 26, 2012 at 6:04 am #

    I love it.regards!

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