40% off Sale at J Crew

23 Jan
I worked retail all through college, and the worst/best part about the experience was the amazing discounts.
If you’re ever looking for an amazing retail experience, go work for J Crew.  Associates get some of the best discounts I’ve ever heard about in retail.  One of my favorite perks?
We got 50% off sale.  Always.
Now that my time at J Crew is over, it’s hard for me to shop there.  I fondly remember times when I got a $300 coat for $50, or cashmere sweaters for $30.  It’s hard to drop the cash for full price when I still automatically mentally calculate how much it used to be.
That’s why I love when J Crew puts its sale on sale.  It’s almost like I work there again–folding cashmere and creating outfits for clients.
Here’s what I want:
Natasha Top in Wildcat.  $42. 
Wynter Cowlneck sweater $30
Colorblock Cardigan $18
Chainlink cableknit sweater.  $24
Doublecloth Trench $144ish?  (I did it in my head.  This only comes in petite, so SOMEONE buy this please.)
Leopard sweater dress.  $90
Maritime dress.  $42
Tell me if you buy anything.
Maybe all my birthday money I didn’t spend in NYC will go towards my longing for J Crew.  

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