Celebrate SOPA/PIPA Protests by Dressing Like Their Worst Nightmare: A PIRATE!

18 Jan
You heard me.
Sure, taking down websites is a good way to protest an ill-conceived idea to KILL TEH INTERNETZ, but why not push your protests a little bit further by dressing like a pirate.
Albeit, a cute pirate.
Okay, so how do we dress like a pirate and NOT look like we’re in costume all day? (Actually…wait.  That would be kind of fun.  Can you imagine how the protests would look if EVERYONE dressed and acted like a pirate?  “ARRRRR, don’t sign the bill, ARRRRRRR”)
Okay, here’s our inspiration:  This sassy little kid.
Why be just a regular pirate when you can be a pirate CAPTAIN!  
So, here’s what we need:  
An awesome red coat with gold buttons.
I instantly thought of this red trench from J Crew I saw a few months ago.  I think it’s sold out now though, because I couldn’t find it anymore.
Next we need a nice vest.  I started hunting for a gold vest, but then I realized I don’t like gold vests since they remind me of cheesy groomsmen vests, so I switched to leopard.
If I’m going to be a pirate, I will still be true to myself.
Dennis Basso Faux Fur vest from QVC.
 Okay, so we have an awesome captain coat and a vest.  Now we need that ruffly white shirt.
I sort of hate lots of ruffles, so this one from Banana Republic works goooood.
Okay.  Black leggings?  Cheese.  Just grab your favorite pair from your closet.
And now the boots.  Nice and high and black.  (That made me laugh when I reread it.  Haha.  Nm.)
I like these ones from Nordstrom:

Miz Mooz Kira Riding Boot.

Okay, so we got our coat, our vest, our ruffled shirt, our leggings, and our boots.  Add pirate accessories as you deem necessary, and go forth and be cute–I mean, protest.

One Response to “Celebrate SOPA/PIPA Protests by Dressing Like Their Worst Nightmare: A PIRATE!”

  1. Chalupa January 18, 2012 at 2:10 pm #

    I pirated your pirate for my blog.www.choopieslife.blogspot.com

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