A Very Leopard Nautical Birthday

16 Jan
On Friday night, my friends pulled off an impossible feat.
They gave me a surprise party.
While my birthday isn’t for another week (JANUARY 23, write that down!), I had made plans with a few of my best friends to spend my birthday in New York City, and then we talked about maybe doing a small dinner with the rest of my friends when we got home.
Friday night, one of my best girl friends was having a party, and we decided to swing by even though it was late.  (In retrospect, I can see how I was guided the whole way.  Haha.)  After a stop at 7-11 for coffee since Starbucks apparently closes WAY too early on Friday nights, we walked into the house, where it was deathly quiet.
I thought maybe there was a prayer meeting for Africa or an intervention happening.  I even said that as we were going up the stairs.
And then I see everyone yelling SURPRISE and I am still confused and looking behind me to see who they are talking to.
Yes.  You got me.
While surprise parties are amazing, I really have to call attention to how well my friends know me.  
It was a leopard print/nautical birthday peppered with small hints of red lipstick.
A woman who used to babysit me when I was little, and whose son I grew up with, makes super amazing custom cookies for parties, and she hit the ball WAY out of the park with these. 
All my favorite dresses!  She looked through my blog and created cookie dresses she thought I would wear!  While I love the leopard and the polka dot creations, that nautically striped dress with the anchor is AMAZING.  I stole these and kept them.  Maybe I can shellac them.
This was the polka dot and leopard cookie plate.  There were shoes, dresses, handbags, and classic circles, and every one was so beautifully done.
And look how amazing these are!  LOBSTERS! and anchors!  She even found a scarf I had worn last Christmas, and replicated it with those stripe/anchor shapes. 
Those lobsters were my favorite.

It was like she was inside my brain.
Not the best picture, but look at the cupcake-cake that she made!  Leopard and red kisses!
I had a friend remark to me that she knew I was surprised by what I was wearing.  “If you knew you were coming to your birthday party, you would have been in a dress and lipstick, am I right?!”   True story, I was just wearing a sweater dress and old leggings and NO LIPSTICK (I know, I’m such a red lipstick hypocrite), but it was funny that I had on my leopard car coat.
I am so blown away by the amazing friends and family I have.  I hoped that people didn’t think I was upset because for the first ten minutes of the party, I could hardly talk.  One word kept coming to mind:  Humbled.  I felt so humbled and undeserving of all the attention, and it’s funny because naturally, I’m the exact opposite.  I love the spotlight and attention.   Maybe it’s part of growing up, right?
One of my gifts was a photoshoot with a really amazing local photographer.  It was so cool because it’s something I would always have wanted to do, but never have actually pulled the trigger.  They know me so well!  Now I just have to figure out what I want to do.  Knowing me, it will involved lipstick somehow….
Again, I really have the best friends and family in the world, and I am so thankful and blessed.
PS:  If you loved those cookies and are interested in seeing some more of her work, go to her Facebook page here.  She does weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays.  Really anything.  For two of the weddings I’ve been in, she even made cookies that resembled all the bridesmaids dresses!  How cool!

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