Best Retro Dresses under $100

12 Jan
I always find myself gravitating towards bright coats and sparkly ballet flats, but my real, true love is dresses.
I cannot resist a good dress.
My friends used to comment that I dressed up all the time.  They would be in jeans/t-shirt, and I’d be in dresses.  And this was every day.
See, throwing on a dress is about sixteen times easier than putting together an ensemble.  You’re comfy; you look great; and you literally put it on and you’re done.
In actuality, I think the way I dress is consistently easier than most of my friends.  And, the bright side is, you always look put together.
Back to dresses.  There’s a very specific kind of dress I’m drawn to.  I might love how sheaths and body-conscious dresses look, but real talk:  my body type is much more comfortable in A-lines and empire-waists.  (Besides, when I do break out the sheaths, they always look too–much, due to my butt/hips being big/awesome.)
I have a whole closet just for my dresses, and I figured I would share with you guys some of the frocks I’ve had my little eyeballs on.
And, bonus!  They are all under $100!
ASOS Skater dress with deep V back.  $72.72
ASOS Skater Dress with short sleeves.  $69.08
ASOS Midi Dress with full skirt.  $81.81
ASOS Midi Dress with contrast belt.  $81.81
ASOS Fit and Flare Midi Dress.  $81.81
Double Cloth full skirted dress.  On sale for $55.
Lace Skater dress.  on sale for $35.
Metallic Jacquard 50’s dress.  On sale for $35
Spot Border Print Dress.  On sale for $50
Floral Pussybow Dress.  On sale for $27.
Man.  I just looked back through all my picks, and they’re definitely all either black, navy, or red.  
I really do have my favorites.  It’s so funny.  I wasn’t even trying.
I guess I know what works for me!!!
Let me know if you buy anything so I can be jealous.  I might pull the trigger on a few of these, but really, I’m saving my pennies for that Jason Wu Target collection.  I had a horrible nightmare the other night that it was time for the release, and I was frantically looking through the racks, and all our Target had were the ugly pieces I didn’t like.
So scary.

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