Jason Wu for Target: Full Lookbook

10 Jan
Real Talk:
I thought the Missoni for Target line was WAY overhyped.
I mean, maybe some people like seventies prints in throw-up colors, but I’ll never be that girl.  While the seventies seemed like a groovy time, mass hysteria for cheap designer aesthetics will never pull me away from my love for classic, pin up clothes with nautical and/or leopard twists.
It’s interesting that when something is hyped as the next big thing, and OMIGOD IT IS SELLING OUT SO FAST, then people who normally wouldn’t want to look like a zig-zag hippie suddenly cave and buy random crap.
Real Talk Again:
I did buy two pink and purple rose print pins to store my waytoobig magazine collection.  But that’s because they were cute.  NOT BECAUSE THEY WERE MISSONI.
If anything, that collection made me a little upset since I was trying to buy something ELSE on Target’s website, and I literally couldn’t log in for days.
I say all that to say this.

Jason Wu for Target.
Holy cow.
Can we just admire that dress for a moment?  If you swapped out that little belt for a nice leopard print version, this would be my perfect dress.  Navy!  Nautical stripes!  Pleats!  Lady-like!
This is the other image I’ve seen that makes me want to die.  (Literally.  Just bury me in this, and I will be happy.)
How freaking amazing is that silhouette?  I mean, I already have sixteen other black dresses with that exact aesthetic, but YOU ALWAYS NEED MORE BLACK DRESSES.
All your black dresses are belong to us.
Nerd humor.  Google it.
If I don’t nab this dress, I might employ my gargantuan height and Les Mill’s approved muscles and start taking people out.  
Wu told Women’s Wear Daily that his collection “features clothes and accessories that are easily convertible from day to evening – sophisticated, feminine dresses, mix-and-match separates and playful accessories all with a bit of charm and dressed-up attitude.”
That sums me up in a nutshell, right?  Playful and charming and dressed up!  (And nuts, probably.)
Look for it in stores (and online) on February 5.  I hope some stinky eBay vultures don’t beat me to the punch and buy EVERYTHING.
Here’s a few more sneak peeks, courtesy of R29.

Awww kitty cat purse!

I think this has potential to be my favorite Target collab ever.  I didn’t include the looks that I wouldn’t wear (some florals, etc) but all the nautical stripes and ladylike dresses just slay me.

I might have to spring for most of this.  You can’t go wrong with buying the classics, amiright?!


2 Responses to “Jason Wu for Target: Full Lookbook”

  1. The Sweet...The Savory & my life January 10, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    Welcome back!

  2. The Red Spoon January 10, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

    Omg! I love the white dress with the black belt and ruffle! Sorry, but you will probs have a twin if you get that one :p

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