Africa Pictures! (Finally…)

15 Aug
I finally am getting around to sharing a small sampling of my pictures from Kenya.
Fashion-wise, this trip was easy.  We had a very specific set of limitations on what we could bring.  Culturally, most Kenyans traditionally wear long skirts and dress quite modestly.  (We were no exception!) Something we are encouraged in (and in turn encourage the high schoolers who are coming) are that people shouldn’t pay attention to what’s on the outward, but we had to offer from inside.
Most days, we had to wear our standard uniform–which was a khaki skirt and a red or blue t-shirt.  Not only was it for team solidarity, but it also ensured we stood out like sore thumbs so our security detail (read: the biggest men on the trip) could keep an eye on us when we were out in the slums.
Besides two of each color and two khaki skirts, I packed three long maxi dresses I had gotten from Target. Easiest packing of my life–and I never had to really think about what to wear.  It was rather freeing.  I also stopped doing my makeup since, well, one it was 394832 degrees and two, I kind of stopped caring how I looked.  So liberating!
At the Great Rift Valley!  

Some of the kids in my class in Umoja.

 A deer thing we saw while on safari!

My teaching partner Catherine!

The place we stayed at in Kakamega was like a palace.  I felt like a princess.  Haha.  

My class in Eldoret.

The happiest animal on the whole trip!  Look at him!

It was cool walking among all the animals!

In Kakamega, one of the girls on our trip celebrated her birthday.   Her sister had brought a gift box all the way from home in her luggage!

haha.  the food was pretty legit–it gets better every year!  Our typical meal staples were rice and chapati, which is like a thicker tortilla.

Rift Valley with a volcano (IFORGOTTHENAME) in the distance.

Eating chapatis in Kakamega.


Pretty much the best picture of my life.  All the kids in my class were being potty trained, and there were little plastic potties everywhere.

weird hair for breakfast!

This is the best soda you will ever drink.  Think Fresca mixed with random tropical fruit flavors mixed with Sprite mixed with a wine cooler.  

On our safari.  Those little bumps in the water way out behind me are HIPPOS!  This park actually closes completely at six pm every night since the hippos come out to feed and straight up chomp people who are near them.

I’m a spokesmodel anytime I drink something.  I’m a big caffeine drinker at home, and in Africa, we rarely got any kind of carbonated beverage or caffeine.  The few times we stopped at gas stations, I ran in to get an energy drink.  (or two three four.)

My panorama view of the Rift Valley!

This girl’s name is Mercy.  I met her for the first time six years ago on my first trip to Umoja–she was only four then!  She’s so big now!

In our bus (that we named Abraham Lincoln).


I always thought the Equator was a big red line…..

My baby giraffe I stalked!

Yay friendship.

All in all, it was an awesome trip, and I’m so excited/thankful/humble that I was able to go again.  All the high school kids did amazing, and  I hope I get to go back next year!
OH!  Also, another part of my job was to help shoot a mini-documentary that we could show all the members of our church back home.  Myself, along with another friend, did all the camera work while we were over there, and then our whiz tech-guys worked their magic on the footage.  Our focus was on three of the high school senior girls whose first trip it was.  (There’s barely anything of me since I was always taping, so it’s like playing Where’s WALDOakaTierney in this video.)
Check it out!

2 Responses to “Africa Pictures! (Finally…)”

  1. DaniellaBella August 16, 2011 at 9:24 am #

    Looks like you had a beautiful and rewarding trip!

  2. Elizabeth August 16, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    Those zebras are so cute! Looks like an amazing trip!

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