Return to St. Kitts!

27 May
St. Kitts only recently became a stop for cruise ships.  I’ve been there twice before on Missions Trips with my church, and when I was last there in 2009, they had just finished building a big ship port.  I’m excited for them to bring in more money, and for more people to see what a gorgeous island it is.  
St. Kitts has a sister island called Nevis–locals/tourists can take a short ferry ride over.   It’s pretty pristine over there, but they do have an amazing Four Seasons.

St. Kitts’ main industries used to be sugarcane processing and rum production.  (I know I sound like a tour guide, but humor me.)  Now their main focus is tourism, so there are abandoned sugar cane mills and plantations all over the island.)

A rum tree!  đź™‚

Exploring some plantation ruins.  This was a huge smoke stack.  Those plants looked like little aliens!

Posing for our country music album cover!

We climbed down a ravine to go splash around in a little stream in the middle of the rainforest.   Apparently the water was so pure that you could drink it!  (I didn’t chance it, but it was fun to stick our feet in!)

At Caribelle Batik.  It’s built on Thomas Jefferson’s at grandfather’s (?) plantation.  How cute is my Kate Spade bag?!

there’s also a HUGE tree on the property.  it’s gorgeous.  it’s called a saman tree, and it’s over 350 years old!  

st. kitts is a volcanic island, so many of their beaches are black sand beaches.  

one of the downsides of a cruise is that usually soda is NOT included.  (GASP!)  i didn’t have diet coke for like four days until we got here.   then, i found a nice half frozen bottle of coke zero, and i felt like i was drinking ambrosia.

We stopped our tour to climb this giant mountain. (Yes.  I pretty much scrambled up on my hands and feet while wearing flip flops and a sundress.  So baller.)   Those little red roofs down there are where I stayed on my first missions trip to the island.  I had been used to trips to Africa where we stayed in hostels and places with no running water, so staying on the beach in little cottages was a WELCOME change.   That was a really fun trip.  Two years later, they  wanted the current seniors (who didn’t get to go to Africa that year due to election related violence) to get the African experience, and we stayed in this decrepit old house that had bed bugs and mold everywhere.  Sigh.

Sweating after our climb.  The resort directly behind us (with the rows of chairs/cabanas on the beach) is the Marriot.  This is probably the second most beautiful resort I have ever been to (the first being Atlantis on Nassau).  We drove down, pretended like we were staying there, and comandeered a group of plush, cushiony lounge chairs next to the perfect water.

If you ever get to visit St. Kitts, you will love love love it!

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