St. Thomas

10 May
Our first stop was the gorgeous island of St. Thomas.   This island has one of my favorite ports ever–a huge bay with lots of ships.  Any nautical lover (like me) would be obsessed with the view.
You want to be smart about what you wear when walking around an island–it stinks to have to lug around a big heavy bag while you explore.  I bought enough easy sundresses to wear over my swimsuit, and just carried a towel/wallet/lotion in my tote.
Red dress:  Target’s Go International Line–Paul & Joe
Belt:  F21
Glasses:  BP by Nordstrom
Watch:  Michael Kors
Tote:  Kate Spade

My friend Lindsay always looked so cute.  I loved her cover up.

Super duper hot.   I have a sometimes NO MAKEUP rule while on vacation so my skin can be alive.  (Well, besides lipstick of course!)

The tower behind us is called Blackbeard’s Castle.  It turns out that it was simply a look out tower for pirates back in the day, and Blackbeard not only may have never been to St. Thomas, but his castle is actually located in North Carolina.  Haha.  Talk about a tourist trap.

my new pirate boyfriend.

Yes, dinosaurs are alive and well on the island.

Or not.  We were going through an amber museum, and there was a big dinosaur head on the path.  I didn’t realize it chomped and roared until I got right next to it.  YIKES!

PS.  I just started my new job this week, which has cut down on my blogging time dramatically.  I hope to work out a good schedule to start reading/commenting/interacting/loving again, but until then, I’m so sorry for the radio silence.  I still love you all!

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