packing for the cruise!

29 Apr
Today, we are going to take an exciting glimpse into the world of packing.  
i had an energy drink today.

I am a pretty good packer–especially because my solution is just bring fifteen sundresses and call it a day.  (Not really. But kind of.)
Anyway, I figured now was as good of a time as any to show you how I pack, and how my closets look.
I got this tank from GAP after returning the coat I won from

Oh.  Okay.  So here is the first of my closets.  This side is all my skirts and short sleeve/tank tops.  This closet actually runs the length of my room, so behind my jewelry rack, I’ve hung all my hoodies and light jackets.

So, this side is all my sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and little blazers.  I also throw all my purses on top–they really need to be organized.  Just from here, you can probably make out my navy/red/white Kate Spade, the hint of my favorite Kate Spade Lobster tote under that, and then the hints of LV Damier, Gucci, J Crew, LV Cruise, etc.  I have too many purses.

This is a shirt I got from Nordstrom that I love–the neckline is so pretty.  I ended up not packing this since the shirt weighs like three pounds and I always seem to exceed my packing limit.

Here is my third closet that is reserved for all my dresses.

Dress closet.  There are also more purses thrown on top.

I might wear this for one of the formal dinners.  It’s pretty and vintage feeling.

Okay.  Here are my dress selections.  I needed a few that could pass for semi-formal, but are still comfy enough to wear around the ship.  I hung my travel outfit so I wouldn’t accident pack it, so including the red maxi-dress, I’m bringing 12 dresses total.

Purple Brocade Dress:  Delias (buy here)  Lace/Polka dot dress:  Lord & Taylor.  Red knit dress:  Target.  Leopard/black dress:  Threadescence (Buy here)

Strapless navy polka dot:  Charlotte Ruesse.  Red Ruffled V-neck:  Nordstrom.   Navy/red/polka dot:  Delia’s.   Coral/navy knit dress:  TJ Maxx.   Turquoise navy dress:  TJ Maxx

White lace dress:  Delias (buy here)   Seersucker sundress:  H&M

Here are my rules for easy packing:
1.   I know most people are all about packing mix-and-match separates, but not this girl.  Since I already love my dresses, they’re easy to throw on and go, and they don’t take up that much room.  All 12 dresses probably took up about five inches high in my giant suitcase.  (To avoid wrinkling and to save space, I lay them flat at the bottom of the suitcase.)
2.  For my few separates I did bring, yes, follow the mix and match rule.  I think in addition to my dresses, I packed one pair of black cigarette pants (Joe’s Jeans), one pair of skinny jeans (Rock&Republic), three tank tops (white, cream, navy), three regular tops (navy/white, purple, red), and then three skirts (navy/white, navy, white).   Everything I brought could technically be worn with everything else.   I think this is easy for me since the majority of my life is either white, navy, or red, so everything automatically matches.  
3.  Shoes are heavy–be a strict editor.  I love shoes as much as the next girl, but no one wants to be in line to check luggage and frantically trying to get her family members to take some of her heels into their bags as to not hit the weight limit.  (Uhhh…no…that’s never happened to way.  heh)   I brought one pair that I know are both comfy and go with my formal dresses, but other than that, I packed my trusty black ruffled flats, two pairs of flip flops (black and navy), and two pairs of gladiators (leopard and tan).  Some nights, it’s hard enough to walk on a ship that is pitching back and forth, and the last thing I want to worry about is adding five inch heels to the equation.  
4.  Think about your carry-on.  I always pack a few outfits in my carry on, just in case something horrible happens.  A swimsuit, a towel, some gym clothes, and an extra day outfit.  (Plus, another opportunity to bring more clothes!)
So, in conclusion, I’m beyond excited for vacation to come.  I weighed my suitcase last night, and it was 43 pounds.  Hopefully, we don’t have a repeat of the last family vacation, where I had to unpack in the airport and redistribute my shoes/hair appliances to grumbling family members.
2010 Family Vacation.  In Dulles Airport.  Trying to beg people to take weight from me.  SEE HOW CUTE MY LOBSTER TOTE IS?!!??!!?    Also, I rocked the vintage floral look BEFORE it was trendy.  I’m so ahead of the game.  ALL I DO IS WIN WIN WIN WIN.
Okay.  So, tomorrow, I’m adding to my hectic life and going to Kings Dominion with my friends as a part of George Mason University’s Aftershock (which is when students and alum get the park to themselves.  And, yes, I am a GMU grad.  GO PATRIOTS!)
Then, I fly out Sunday.  If I don’t find time to post  before then, hopefully my lovely-auto-posts kick in and work right.
Rambling now.  I know I am.  Um.  I finally bought the makeup I’ve been needing.  Who was I kidding?  There are no cheap alternatives to foundation–the makeup I had bought to save money made me break out horribly, and was so greasy by the end of the day.  I went back to Make Up Forever’s HD Foundation, only now I’m apparently like five shades darker.  Holla!  I bought one shade darker than that, just because I will be practically brown when I’m back from vacation.
I’m done.  This was a long post.

2 Responses to “packing for the cruise!”

  1. AnnaBananaCupcake April 30, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    Have fun on your trip! It looks like you have packing down to a science. XOXO

  2. ChiccaStyle May 2, 2011 at 6:03 am #

    WOW,interesting post!!!Thanks for sharing!

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