Shopping Revelation

27 Apr
There are a few blogs I have bookmarked (who will remain anonymous) that I read purely for the fact they post pictures of ridiculous expensive purchases.
“Oh, so yesterday, I totally was only going to buy one pair of Louboutins, but then I saw they were having Buy Three, Get the Fourth for 20% off and I knew it was too good of a deal to pass it up!”
Seriously.  The majority of the time, I feel like most of them look more like fashion victims than fashion trendsetters.  Sure, Chanel is awesome, but when you’re head to toe labels, the clothes are wearing you.  (Honestly, there are very few blogs that I read in where I truly love the writer’s sense of style.)
I have nice things.  I like nice things.  I don’t mind spending a little more on items that I know I will use all the time–like shoes, handbags, jeans, and coats, where I am cheap as anything with dresses, tops, and sweaters.
Granted, I don’t drop $3k on a new coat.  I probably never will.  Unless I win Mega-Millions or marry a Trump, I probably won’t be rolling up to Saks every month to buy the latest pieces from the latest season.  Maybe that’s why I hate/love those kinds of blogs–it’s like an opportunity to live vicariously through their Black Amex cards.
But, today, I read a really interesting piece of advice.
It was along these lines:  “Stop buying the same old crap every season.  You have a million cardigans already.  You don’t need another one.  You don’t need eight new pairs of jeans, or another pair of generic heels.  You only have two feet, two legs, and two arms.  Instead, save your money and invest in one gorgeous, classic piece every season.  Wait for it to go on sale, and buy it.”  (I totally butchered her words, but oh well.)
I haven’t shown you pictures, but my closet(s) are massive.  I hate to admit this, but I could go the rest of my life and not buy one more thing, and I’d be fine.  
But, admittedly, there have always been a few big ticket items that I’ve always wanted.
I’m going to try this–see if I can not shop at all while saving for something big and shiny.  Obviously, this means I need to start window-web shopping to figure out my dream list of classic must-haves:
1.  A classic trench.  Nobody does a trench better than Burberry, and I love the black leather accents that make this a little less apt to blend in the crowd.
2.  Louboutin heels.  Honestly, it’s not the design or the brand that makes me love Louboutin–it’s the soles.  I’m more crazy about that bright, Ruby Woo red than most girls, and who doesn’t want their shoes to always match their lips?  In keeping with the challenge, no crazy heels allowed–that’s what Nordstrom Rack is for.  Instead, I would only buy the three classic colors every girl needs.  Also, since I’m too tall, I’d want to avoid the crazy gorgeous 5″ monstrosities.
And, yes, leopard is one of the neutral, classic colors I need.  Duh.
3.  A Louis Vuitton Speedy.  Monogrammed and personalized.  While I can appreciate a good fake and even own a few, the flip side is that I also really don’t like them.  I want the real thing.  I’ve always liked Louis Vuitton, but it feels like 3/5 bags I see are so painfully faux.  I’ve always wanted a Speedy–I love seeing girls style them, and they’re so classic, and I love the idea of personalizing my bag.  Louis Vuitton offers this only for the Speedy(s) and their luggage, and I’ve already designed mine with a red/navy/white motif.  
Honestly, after that the sky may be the limit.  Those are the three really enduring pieces I’ve always wanted–after that, we add in things like YSL’s Muse or the Fendi Peekaboo, or some candy colored Brian Atwoods.  
And, maybe even one day if I save enough, I can achieve the holy grail.
A lipstick red Hermes Birkin to which I would add a nice leopard print scarf.
What would be your top designer classic wish list?
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