Finding the Perfect Beach Bag

25 Apr
I will be setting foot on sunny, beautiful Puerto Rico in six days.  Now is as good of a time as any to address an extremely important issue many women face.
Ugly beach bags.  
They get this idea into their head that they must sacrifice fashion for function, and that spending no more than $17 on a cheap, brightly colored canvas bag from the tacky beach store on the boardwalk is the best use of their money.  After all, it will get wet/sandy/dirty.
Not true.
I present my favorite purse in the world:
My Kate Spade lobster tote.  
Originally bought as a purse, I realized it’s huge floppy shape and easy straps were beyond perfect for holding a towel, tanning oil, and books.  
Our family is definitely an on-the-go vacation team.  We sometimes go straight from breakfast to the beach, or straight from the beach to lunch.  On cruises, you usually spend some time wandering around the port before hopping a cab to a secluded bay.  Who wants to haul around an ugly bag until you get to the beach?! 
So, here are my picks for the cutest tote bags that could double as your next beach bag.
Anya Hindmarch’s Large Canvas bag.  $135.
The combination of blues is so cute, and the ribbon detail gives it that little extra pop.  Also, I love the little expository message.
Cole Haan’s Jitney Kendra tote.  $198
I love the navy against the yellow chevron print.  This could easily be disguised as your sunny summer purse.
Kate Spade “Wish you were here” tote $275
I love the vintage kitsch of this.  It very well may become my next lobster tote.
Kate Spade “Tropica Jezebel” tote.  $275
Now, this probably isn’t the most practical of the potential beach totes.  But that flamingo is just so darn…beachy.  Maybe you’d carry this if you were just boarding your yacht and had the cabana boys carrying all the big stuff for you.
See by Chloe Teta Small shopper $125
Eeek. Such a cute bag.  Not only do you get a punchy leopard print, but you also get a small slice of designer heaven for not a lot of pennies.  Also, this canvas bag will be easy to keep clean!
Marc by Marc Jacobs Rainy Day tote.  $248
Red, polka dotted perfection with little navy hints of love.  Yes, maybe the umbrella defeats the purpose of a happy, sunny day tote, but I think the functionality of it is perfect.  Those island storms come quickly, so it’s good to be prepared!
Juicy Couture Daydreamer tote.  $148
Navy.  Sequins.  Bows.  Cheek.  So cute!
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Anchor tote.  $168
Milly Sailboat canvas tote.  $250
MICHAEL Michael Kors Marina Tote $178
LeSportsac Totes on Deck Starboard $48
Bloomingdale’s Iconic Storefront canvas tote.  $30
Yeah, yeah, I know I have a big nautical theme here, but it’s summer!  You can be as nautical as you want whenever you want!

3 Responses to “Finding the Perfect Beach Bag”

  1. Chalupa April 25, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    I love the Michael Kors tote best. I've wanted his straw bag forever but thought it would not be practical enough. I would use this tote as a gym bag, purse, shopping bag and even a Choopie carrying bag when she gets tired.

  2. Liz April 25, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

    I love these totes but was starting to get bummed out because they were all so pricy! Thanks for including some lower end options at the bottom! I may need to spring for that bloomingdales one!Have a great trip!-Liz

  3. donna from Yumma Yumma April 25, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    So many cute bags!! It gives me many ideas for new ones I can make myself! My faves tho are the flamingo one, the pool/palm tree one, and the stripey sequins one…I love sparkle!

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