easter weekend!

24 Apr

I’ve been a little AWOL, but with good reason. Easter is one the most wonderful times of the year–yes, a time to be with your family, but more importantly, to celebrate what Jesus did for us all those years ago.

I had Friday off to get a lot of things done around the house–some gardening (ew), spring cleaning (ew), and gym time. Friday night, our church had it’s annual Easter Resurrection Celebration which is geared towards reaching kids in our community with the true reason for Easter. We had a great turn out (around 140 visitors!), and being involved with the puppet ministry for kids, I had the opportunity to become a life sized puppet in our stage show!

We had a few kids super frightened by the big head, but overall, everyone loved it.  I love that they gave my puppet head bright red lipstick!  And, of course, I seized the opportunity to wear navy and white polka dots (actually, it was the dress I got from Orange Suitcase Vintage!).  You can the little hole where I can peek out, but I could hardly see anything, and kept bumping into things.  
On Saturday, my church had another outreach, which was geared more towards adults.  We have a lot of car enthusiasts, so we hosted a car show.  This is our second one–with the show last year having hundreds of visitors, but this year it rained in the morning, so our turnout wasn’t so great.  I had some good practice with the cameras we will be bring to Africa (one of our side projects will be to get material for several documentary-type pieces), and ate a hot dog.  (A big deal.  Those things are gross but so good.)
That night, I hosted another ACTIVITY night at my house.  Painting my friend’s Toms last month went over so well, we made that the sole activity this month.
How amazing are mine?!  I got some red Keds from Target for nine dollars, and combined all my favorite things:  leopard print, the color red, and navy/white nautical stripes!
My friend Leah’s turned out really neat too:
Who knows?  Maybe we have an Etsy future with shoe customization!  đŸ™‚
Today, of course, was Easter Sunday.  What an amazing time to remember everything God has done for me!  
My parents actually picked out my Easter dress for me from……dun dun dun Dress Barn!  haha.  (Actually, I love how like four different people came up to me at church to show off their Dress Barn dress.  I feel like I kicked off a trend, or just encouraged other people to be proud of their Dress Barn amazingness!)  (Also, I like how my parents bought me my dress like I was six.  I just have pretty easy style to get–you can’t go wrong with a bright color, a classic Stepford silhouette, and pretty ruffles!)
Dress:  Dressbarn
Shoes:  Victoria Secret
Here are a few more shots from my weekend!  OH!  I forgot to tell you I got a new camera, so be prepared for some breaking in.  Haha.  

my bff emily!  

our family is infamous for our amazing easter egg hunts!

my brother is going to kill me for putting this up…. but i loved his outfit so much!  he was wearing boat shoes!  yay!

my nephew!  (well, he’s my brother’s nephew, so technically, i’m an aunt, right?!)

her dress was amazing.  DRESS BARN.  sigh.  also, we had filet mignon for easter lunch.   why waste time with ham and lamb when you could eat a juicy steak!?!?

my sister! 🙂

he’s the cutest baby ever.  NOM NOM NOM I love you.

What an amazing weekend!  So thankful for the opportunities to serve and so happy I have such a wonderful family! 
PS:  Countdown for vacation is six days.  Seriously, if you dudes want a guest post, let me knowwwww.  you might be famous!

One Response to “easter weekend!”

  1. Bekah: Matters of Merrymaking April 24, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    LOVE this Easter dress, T… it left me speechless! I NEED IT! ruffles/the color = perfection.(also, that is the cutest little baby i've seen! ahhh)good luck planning and preparing for your vacay! 🙂

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