Things You Should Buy on Etsy

21 Apr
Small, framed shadowbox with skeleton keys by junksy
This totally already sold, but I think the concept could be easily applied to our own lives.  (I sound like a youth pastor.)  I might switch out the pretty lace doily for some fierce leopard background, and switch the frame to black.
Nautical Shirtdress by gogovintage  for $36
vintage Bill Blass Nautical dress by vintagechronogram $36
You know what, I’m going to start self-critiquing myself.  I like nautical things way too much.  I mean, I don’t even know why.  It’s not like I was raised on a yacht.  It’s not like I was fathered by a sea captain.  I don’t even particularly like the ocean except for its close association with laying on a beach chair and tanning.  I just see navy and I get all excited.  J Crew had this sale the other day where it was an additional 30% off clearance (which is almost as good as my old discount), and I got a few things.  AND THEY WERE ALL NAVY.  MY ENTIRE LIFE IS NAVY.  And honestly, I look better in bright colors (like red, or other jewel-tones) and I still go back to navy.  I need a navy intervention.
Actually, no.  If you try to take navy from my life, I will stab you.
Okay.  Back to happy-go-lucky etsy hunts.
Just the blouse is for sale here, but the whole outfit is too cute for words.  DONT YOU DARE MENTION THE COLOR.
By Bluebarnvintage
Nautical print sundress.  (It looks like whales on the bottom, but it’s actually little sailboats.)  By vintagebv $45
And last but not least, look at what your favorite blogger Tigernach (aka tier) scored today!
vintage pleated dress from the 1970’s— EIGHTEEN DOLLAS HOMIES!
It’s so cute.  I will feel like a cute little sailor girl when I start my new job.

One Response to “Things You Should Buy on Etsy”

  1. Mary April 21, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    You found some great pieces to feature here.It is a nice collection. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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