waaaay too much blue

19 Apr
but it’s just such a perfect color.
note the return of the perpetually, i-just-freaking-ironed-this-and-i-walked-outside-and-its-already-wrinkly j crew linen skirt.
also, it tends to make me look like twice as big as i am.  maybe this is the end of the wrinkly j crew linen skirt

Cardigan:  J Crew
Top:  J Crew
Skirt:  J Crew
Life: J Crew
Shoes:  NOT J CREW
i’m too hyper for my life.

One Response to “waaaay too much blue”

  1. Jennifer April 19, 2011 at 11:34 pm #

    The last picture with your perfect ruby woo red pout reminded me of something.I'm having a problem with my lipstick moving/sliding on my lips, I guess? Like a whole spot on them is getting naked and its all going to another spot. Any suggestions?

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