oh, we used to wait.

14 Apr

dude, i’m glowing like a ghost.  
top:  gap
skirt:  nordstrom rack
heels:  charlotte ruesse
lipstick:  revlon colorstay
ponytail:  rubber  band
life:  awesome

random story #1:  some guy chased me down in the mall and said “i like your space.”  then i realized i was deaf because i gave him a weird look, and he goes “your dress!  I like it.”  oh.  thanks.  butitsactuallyatopandabottomandthewhitesdon’tevenmatchbutTHANKSanyway!

random story #2:  you know those dudes who sell the remote control helicopters?  and they insist on flying them right over your head like swooping helicopter toys are irresistible to buy?  instead of pulling out my wallet, i literally have to shove my hands in my pockets to keep from batting them out of the air like a mixture of my cat and godzilla.  


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