Oh hey red pants

8 Apr

So I got these awesome skinny red corduroy pants from GAP like months ago for like 12 bucks, and this is the first legit time I’ve worn them.  I was all SERIOUSLY what do I wear with red pants, and then I was like DUH, my whole closet. (since the majority of my life is navy)
Especially this cozy sweater from J Crew (that has a random string on it GRR) that I got for 19.99.  HOLLA.  Add in 10 dolla shoes, and this girl is a winner!  (I mean, my whole outfit was under fifty bucks.  Well, except my rad Michael Kors watch, but I got that on MAY JOR sale at Nordstrom Rack, so it counts for awesomeness too.)
Sweater:  J Crew
Pants:  Gap
Shoes:  Charlotte Ruesse
Watch:  Michael Kors
Little string thing:  ANNOYING

One Response to “Oh hey red pants”

  1. Chalupa April 8, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    When you were 11 or 12, I had red jeans from Victoria Secret. Both you and Taylor said that I was never, ever to wear them in public. Look how fashion changes!!

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