Check out my guest post for Rue La La!

8 Apr
Yay, so so so excited!  When Rue La La asked me to write a post about staying warm in this fickle spring weather, I was beyond thrilled.
It’s up today here, so check it out and tell them how much you love it!

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PPS:  Here’s the post for the people who don’t like signing up for things.  But really, why wouldn’t you sign up for a site that gets you amazeballs deals on cute stuff!?!!? 

Fan Friday: Welcome Spring in Style

Fan Friday
Every Friday on Facebook is Fan Friday, and in February, Rue La La Member Tierney Elizabeth posted a pic of her oh-so-fabulous rainy day style. Here, her fantastic advice for in-between season style.

Something quite sad happens every October. The wind picks up, the temperature dips, and I am forced to break out my winter coats. I love buying coats even more than buying shoes, but, I’m not happy. Wrapped up in scarves and hats and Uggs, I trudge through winter – so cold I actually start aching. Four more months… three more months.. two more months…

Spring is supposed to be the beginning of my new life – skirts, light spring jackets, and peep-toe heels can now make their appearance without limbs freezing. So, as the queen of being warm and hating the cold, I am here to offer you a few helpful hints on how to battle the last vestiges of winter that insist on clinging to spring:

1. Add color to your life.
Nothing can make you feel more cheerful than by adding color to your outfit. No more blacks and greys and browns – how about electric blue, sunshine yellow, and fierce magenta? Color blocking (mixing two bold colors together within one outfit) is a big trend for spring, so beat back the dreary days with swaths of bright colors – blue with green, or pink with red. (For more help with color blocking, go here.)

2. Invest in a pretty spring coat.
Whether you prefer a waterproof parka or a lightweight blazer, make sure you have a coat that keeps you warm and safe from the elements without overheating you when the temperature (finally) picks up. My pick? A classic trench. It instantly elevates your look while keeping you pulled together. (Obviously, my ultimate pick would be some plaid-lined darling from Burberry, but stores like Gap and J.Crew will also have quality coats that are affordable.)

3. Break out the spring trends now.
It may still be freezing outside (or raining, or hailing), but it doesn’t mean you have to forgo your spring trends! Go for perky florals that seem suited for a picnic in a garden or nautical stripes that feel at home at the lake – anything to keep you from feeling like winter will never end.

4. Layer, layer, layer.
I don’t know about you, but the weather where I live can be totally bipolar. I can walk into work bundled up like an Eskimo, and leave for lunch a few hours later sweating in 60-degree heat. Not only does layering keep you warm while giving you the option to strip down when you get hot, but it also looks quite pulled together when you get it right. I’m all about mixing patterns and bright colors (to keep the grumpy rainclouds away), and once you start incorporating colors, prints, and different fabrics, your possibilities can be endless!
Keep holding on, my fellow fashionistas – I know spring is just around the corner… Right?

Tierney Elizabeth runs a fashion blog called Ruby Woo Loves You and is based out of Northern Virginia. She loves red lipstick, leopard print, and everything nautical.

2 Responses to “Check out my guest post for Rue La La!”

  1. donna from yumma yumma April 8, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    I always get so frustrated trying to figure out what to wear in this in between stage! Thanks for the tips!

  2. jane says April 8, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Amazing! Congrats. Love it. Cheers.

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