3 Apr
So, one of the best things I get to do in my life is be involved at my church.  I grew up there, and so many people have loved me and cared for me since I was very young.  It’s such an honor to give back and teach others about Jesus.  It makes me very happy.  🙂  
One of the things I’m involved in is Skit Team.  Every few months, we write, practice, and perform skits for our church (also on Youtube!) that have to do with certain topics.  
Our theme for our latest skit was ways the devil tries to tempt you or take you down in your walk.  Our twist was that we all played demons with different specialties.  Very fun to play something completely outside your character!
Do I look eeeeeeeeeevil?
During dress rehearsal–I have a goofy look on my face, but you get the idea.  Like how my miracle boots from Nordstrom made an appearance?!  This was also sans wig–it was SO itchy, I didn’t like keeping it on.

Such a fun night!  

One Response to “RWAR”

  1. konz April 3, 2011 at 11:49 pm #

    Nice job tonight Tier !!! really enjoyed that skit and all the others that you all have put together !!! One day you guys can take them "on the road" !!I am glad that you are giving back to the church community !! Freely you have received, freely give !!!

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