Things You Should Buy on Etsy

30 Mar

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Time for another rousing edition of Things You Should Buy on Etsy.
This first seller makes some pretty awesome wallet-y things.  I don’t like handmade things that look handmade, and these picks look like amazing quality plus fabrics you’ll want to wallpaper your whole life with.

Handmade floral wallet by Happykathy  $40.
Handmade floral wallet by Happykathy  $40
Passport holder by happykathy $10
This next pick, I can’t tell if it’s weird or brilliant.  Either way, I want to be friends with this girl…

Leopard face facsinator by kittydevile for $58.91
Print by yellena  $48
I love prints like this–all her work is gorgeous, and it makes me feel all Ariel-esque.

This last seller, NewYorkCouture has some of the weirdest, most awesome items I’ve ever seen.  I feel torn between wanting to wear them every day to being afraid to be seen in them.  It’s rare clothing can evoke such powerful feelings.

Handmade fox skirt.  By newyorkcouture.  $80
The only thing for sale here is the mustache necklace ($15), but I kind of want to wear this outfit to work.
Again, all that’s for sale is the mustache, but HOW COOL IS SHE.
Burger T-shirt.  $20
Leopard print dress.  $60
Vintageish Lace Dress.  $65. 
Floral Dress.  $65. 

Whew.  I’m like overloaded with awesomeness.

I can’t find my wallet.  That’s no bueno.  Hopefully it’s at home.  I’m going to be hungry today since I never bring my own lunch to work.





2 Responses to “Things You Should Buy on Etsy”

  1. Sarah Brown March 30, 2011 at 10:53 am #

    Thank you for featuring my things on your blog!! I really appreciate it!

  2. jane says March 30, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    Love your picks!

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