Pergie Pergamino

23 Mar
So, something you might not know about me is that I used to want to be an artist.  I drew all the time as a child, and continued to dabble in sketching and painting as I got older.  Unfortunately, besides a few art classes in college to fill credits, I never pursued it professionally.  (Although, I come in handy for babysitting and birthday parties!)
I say all that to say this–I am always on the lookout for new, pretty artists.  On a cruise last year, I bought my first two pieces of real artwork by an artist named Shan Merry.  (The artist, ironically, turned out to be a former designer for Hermes, which explains why I was so obsessed so quickly.)
I love fashion-inspired pieces–I used to spend hours designing my own clothing line by drawing little runway models.  (Actually, I turned that into credit during high school.  We had to conceptualize and write a business plan for a profitable business.  Everyone else did things like airlines, party planning, or major league teams.  I picked a fashion line and a boutique in SoHo.)
While clicking around Horchow’s 30% off the entire site sale this morning, I came across some really adorable greeting cards by Pergie Pergamino.  So.  Cute.
I would get married in that dress.  Rwar.
Gosh, I’m pretty.
Who needs a Bachelor?!  I can take my own helicopter rides!
If Blair Waldorf liked dogs…
Don’t be sad, sweetpea.  Look at your closet!
This one is for all you fashion bloggers out there.  Haha.
Ahhh, I love peacock feathers.
[All images from Pergamino.]

All the cards come with cute little epigraphs on the inside, and the envelopes themselves are like little works of art.   Anyway, you should check out their site and buy a card and write me a love letter and mail it to me so I can feel special and then frame it.
Also, does anyone else think that they need to come out with their own clothing line ASAP?  I think I would wear every single outfit.

One Response to “Pergie Pergamino”

  1. Laura March 23, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    Oh I love that one of the girl in the green coat with the pooch in her purse!!What cute cards! Checking the site out now 🙂

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