I can’t type!

19 Mar

Long story short, I hurt my hand tonight playing some hardcore basketball, and I can’t type with my left hand.  This is taking forever.  Time for pictures!

Work outfit!
Vest and pencil skirt:  NY and Co
Shirt:  H by Hilfiget
Shoes:  Nordstrom
Watch:  Michael Kors

And play outfit:
Top:  Anthropologie
Belt:  F21
Jeggings:  Charlotte Ruesse
Sandals:  Saks 5th Avenue
Necklace:  J Crew

Emily’d toes are prettier than mine.  Frownies.

Cross my heart!
Bracelets:  J  Crew
Ponytail:  Never comes off

Check the fish face.  Also, I love my lipstick color.  It’s pretty awesome when I don’t rock the Ruby Woo.
Lipstick:  Captive by MAC
Lashes:  False Lashes by MAC.  (The mascara…those are my real lashes!)

my hand hurts.  done.


The awesome Meg from Red Spoon Blog!

One Response to “I can’t type!”

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