Pinch me and I’ll kick you [or] The Legend of Ní Thighearnaigh [or] Mini-lesson on colorblocking

17 Mar
I am to accomplish two thing with this post today.
The first is to obsess over my name a little bit more.  Don’t hate me. 
I always got teased about being named “Tierney” as a child.  Even today, people call me by the wrong name ALL the time.  (Tire-knee?  Terry?  Trini?)  If I meet you and I introduce myself, sometimes I will ask you to say my name to see if you were paying attention.  (FRIENDSHIP POP QUIZ!)
Today, obviously, is St. Patrick’s Day–a day where all the non-Irish of the world pretend that they are Irish and then be obnoxious while at work and ask me 23094832 times why I am not wearing green.
DUDE.  THIGHEARNAIGH is about as Irish as a name gets.  (I found another variation of spelling my name!  I like this one almost as much as Tigernach.)  You think I’m not being a good Irish sport?  READ MY DRIVER’S LICENSE, HOMEBOY.
So, here’s a little resume of my Irish heritage.
Both O’Tierney, Tierney, Tierny (O’Tighearnaigh), and the synonym O’Tiernan, Tiernan (O’Tighearnáin) are derived from the Gaelic word tighearnach meaning “lord” or “lordly”.  Tighearnach, sometimes spelledTigernaich or Tigernach or even Tignarach was a popular given name in ancient Ireland. Some of these Tighearnachs were of famous lineage.
Now you can stalk me on the internet.  Shhh.

Okay, so my pedigree is out of the way.  Now, on to the reasons WHY I don’t wear green.  
I honestly don’t like the color.  I know that’s nuts, but I think I might have ONE green dress in my entire closet, and that’s it.
So, the other day we talked about how to wear florals if you hate florals.  Well, my little faux-leprechauns-fora-day, here’s how to wear green if you hate green.
Nice subdued shades toned down a little with some tan.  I don’t mind that pretty forest green as much.  (It’s funny…I’m treating green like it’s fluorescent or something…)  That tan Top Shop dress is pretty adorable.  

OH! And I forgot to tell you.  I actually really like(d) that green Anthropologie coat when it came out…but it was always like $200 (overpriced!) so I never bought it.  BUT THEN, miracle of all miracles, I found it on ebay for $35.  THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS.  (Or, as my brother says, doll-hairs.)  That’s kind of miraculous.  I’d like to thank God for helping me out with that.  Maybe I’m meant to wear green, and I just never knew it.

You can color-block the mess out of green, and that makes it a little less annoying.
Soooo, happy St. Patty’s Day to you fine people, and I hope you enjoyed reading me ramble about random things.
I need to stop rambling so much.
Okay, bye.


3 Responses to “Pinch me and I’ll kick you [or] The Legend of Ní Thighearnaigh [or] Mini-lesson on colorblocking”

  1. Naomi Elle March 17, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    for the record, I always thought your name was ridiculously COOL!I like unique names.Apparently, so does my mom. I have a sister named Dominique & a brother named Zephaniah. and I got gypped… she named me "Naomi". Unique, but not incredibly unique.So I added Elle.Naomi Elle :PChic 😉

  2. donna from Yumma Yumma March 17, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    Ok I am part Irish and I love green! Its one of my favorite colors, next to blue. I really like those green earrings too!

  3. Lexi March 28, 2011 at 10:12 am #

    This is a hilarious post! (Geesh, I'm behind on my blog reading.)xox LexiGlitter & Pearls

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