Delias has some darn cute clothes.

16 Mar
Do you remember being in junior high and feeling cool when all your teenybop clothing catalogs came in the mail?  (Alloy…I’m looking at you!)   One of my favorites was Delias.  I would always go over it with a pen and a calculator and add up the cost of everything I wanted, and then tell my parents in case they wanted to spend that much money on me.  (HAH!)  (Also, I do that still today.  Shhh.  I also play a game that you have to pick one outfit off every page.)
Anyway, I randomly got a Delias catalog the other day for the first time in ages.  And, um, the clothes are actually really cute.  Like, really cute.  
Here’s what you should buy from Delias for spring!
Navy Polka Dot Dress.  $44.50.  Here.
Vintage Eyelet Dress.  $44.50.  Here.
Floral Print Strapless Dress.  $39.50.  Here.
Printed crochet dress.  $49.50.  Here.
Burnout Racerback.  This looks very Anthropologie-ish to me.  ❤  $19.50.  Here.
Crochet skirt.  $49.50.  Here.
Garden Floral Skirt.  $34.50.  Here.
Side-Cinched Tankini Top.  I think I found my vacation suit!  So retro and cute!  and, it’s $24.50, which makes me want it in navy polka dot too!  Here.
Rocket Dog Espadrille Flats.  $39.50.  Here.
Sperry Topsiders.  $55.50.  Here.
Wanted Notti Wedge.  This is adorable, and it comes in like eight colors.  HOLLA.  $44.50.  Here.
Blowfish sandbox peeptoe.  I had to show you both colors, because they are both so perfectly nautical.  $39.50.  Here.
Restricted Poodle Oxfords.  These would be really cute with white skinny cropped jeans.  $49.50.  Here.
Sooo, yeah.  I have a feeling the majority of my spring wardrobe will be coming from Delias.  I mean, remember my fantastic nautical dress from Delias, written about here, and styled here?
You cool kids should go check it out and tell me if you buy anything so I can be jealous and analyze your choices.  
Jk.  Kind of.

3 Responses to “Delias has some darn cute clothes.”

  1. Joelle March 16, 2011 at 11:02 am #

    Aaaahhhhhh I loved Delias {and Alloy} growing up! I used to cut out pictures from the catalogs and paste the pictures onto blank pieces of paper to create outfits…this was obviously before we had such amazing things as Shopstyle…Anyway, I really love that first dress. So cute!xoxo,Joelle

  2. donna from yumma yumma March 16, 2011 at 11:58 am #

    Yes, those first 2 dresses are adorable! And I really like the stripey shoes!

  3. AnnaBananaCupcake March 16, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    I loved getting Delias in the mail, probably because it was the only mail I got. haha. I too would flip through it and put stars next to my "must haves". Unfortunately my parents never once ordered me a single thing. Heart break! XOXO

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