secrets revealed

9 Mar
Let’s take a break from fashion shall we? Because I have a huge ginormous confession that, well, I don’t really want to tell, but it will make me feel better, like immensely. It is something so huge, and ugly, and scary that I can’t even bring myself to tell my own readers at The Red Spoon about it, and instead will use you, Tier’s lovely fashion audience, as my test subjects. I am really afraid they will leave me if I tell them, so you all have to be honest with me. If you think what I am about to say will scare my poor little foodie friends away, then tell me to shut up, turn around, and get outta town, and just talk about food – and I will. I will do exactly as you tell me. YOU MUST GUIDE ME!

So this thing, like I said, it’s kind of a huge deal for us kitchen folks. Those of us who like to render bacon every single day of our lives and like to cook onions until they are dark and caramelized and sweet, and who prefer butter over oil – us kind of folks don’t do well with what I am about to say, we tend to freeze, just moving our eye balls back and forth making sure no one is watching, then….we run. And we don’t look back. I’m even tempted to do that to myself, which of course would be very difficult since I am with me all the time, but, I’ve thought about it, and decided if I were my friend I would do that to me.

Yes, it’s true. I can’t deny it. You see, I am a lucky girl who has been blessed with a yard or two of counter space. And it’s not the cheap apartment counter tops that scratch when you wipe it off with a sponge, it’s nice and shiny and granite-y, and purply, bluish and greenish and brownish and blackish depending on the sun, with fun little sparkles and speckles in it. But, I have a tendency to do this

when I cook. (I can’t believe I just said that…) Yes, me who makes brownies that will crush your chocolate craving in one bite, and will make pancakes even your waistline will agree with. I just show you the good shots, the money shots, the ones that I assemble together on one of my counters while the other one looks like something blew up. It’s not pretty, I know, but I have to tell someone. So I have decided to start keeping a “thank you for coming bowl” as my favorite cook Anne Burrell does. That way my prep will not only be quicker since I won’t be traveling 5 steps to and from my pull out trash can between prep jobs. And it gives me a reason to shop for dishes, something I prefer doing even over clothes shopping – just ask Tier, I’ve dressed like an overly tired mom of 5 ever since I was 10, yes, it’s quite sad. But, I can look at all the pretty Anthropologie clothes as I browse through their kitchen section looking for TFC bowls like these:

My second goal is to put the used dishes in my overly large and deep sink. I mean, it can hide like 5 days worth of dishes – so why haven’t I utilized this, I have no idea.

And to reward myself for actually doing my new goals, the goals that shouldn’t have to be goals, the goals that really, everyone already does except for me, I will buy a new apron, because I love these:

So, Tigernach readers, should I tell, or should this be our little secret?


Meg is actually gorgeous, and looks nothing like an old, tired mom. She also does a lot of my outfit photos, as well as all the web design for Ruby Woo! Ignore my retarded smirk on the right, and focus on Meg’s GIANT blue eyes on the left.

One Response to “secrets revealed”

  1. Chalupa March 9, 2011 at 7:37 pm #

    Meg, First, you do not look anything like a tired housewife. Second, do people really keep their counters clean while they whip up fabulous creations? I don't think so. All those other bloggers have one counter just for photos too. Third, You deserve all four of those pretty aprons!

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