30% Clearance at Talbots

9 Mar
So, I totally know what you’re thinking.  “Talbots, seriously?!  And didn’t you just write about LL Bean the other day?!  THAT’S IT, YOU LOSE YOUR FASHION BLOGGER CRED!”  
But, hear me out.  Since last year, I feel like they’ve been going in a very J-Crew-y direction (which is an amazing direction to run in), and I have had a soft spot in my heart for them ever since I found my beautiful leopard coat.
Sometimes, I still feel like Talbot’s is a little overpriced, but I’m much more willing to give them some love, since they loved me first by creating such an amazing coat.
So, here are my picks for the Talbot’s sale.
Cotton Tiered Ruffle Skirt  $62.99
Satin Glamourak Coat.  $76.99 (Comes in Navy too!)
Talbots Grace Fit One Button Jacket $86.77
Pleated Khaki Crops $28.69
Bow and ruched leather flat.  $41.29  (comes in like six colors)
Chain trim ballet flats  $62.99  (Very Chanel)
D’orsay Glitter Flats  $34.27
Grace Fit Sequined jacket  $104.29
Modern Trench  $64.79  (This is actually a great deal on a super classic piece!)
Silk taffeta skirt.  $48.29  This is great for channeling your inner Betty Draper/Louis Vuitton model.  AND IT COMES IN NAVY AND BLACK.
Lace pencil skirt.  $55.29
So, my lovely friends, I hope I’ve swayed you slight to the side of Talbots.  (Or, at least giving them a chance.)  Sure, they still have a lot of older lady type ensembles, but I think their new aesthetic will take them places.

One Response to “30% Clearance at Talbots”

  1. Tara March 10, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    Fabulous picks! I've definitely found some items to love at Talbots recently. 🙂

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