One of The One Hundred: Red Lipstick

5 Mar
Girlfriends. I don’t think we need to even talk about the importance of red lipstick. Even for those who are still learning, like myself, we all agree that a red lip is the epitome of glamour. We are all on the same page, right?
So, of course, I’m not going to spend time endorsing any other red lipsticks, since there is not much competition with MAC’s Ruby Woo. (This is what they taught me to say in marketing school.)
BUT. . . I will tell you, that Nina does list Ruby Woo as 2nd on her list of 10 in her book. So, our girl, Ruby Woo, is top notch. Just sayin.
For my first post in this series, I wanted to pass along Nina’s advice on how to wear red lipstick.
1. Choose the right shade of red.
2. Keep the rest of the makeup simple.
3. Make sure you know how to apply it.
Using these 3 tips will take you far on your red lipstick journey. I’d love to hear about how you wear your red lipstick!
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One Response to “One of The One Hundred: Red Lipstick”

  1. Carrie at La Rizada March 6, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    i wore a new orange-y red to a 40s party last night. i've been trying to wear red lipstick more often, as i love the way it makes me feel and it dresses up any outfit. the town where i live in pretty casual, so i sometimes feel like it makes me stick out, but i also kind of like that :)carrie

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