Oh hi QVC

25 Feb
So, last summer, I remember reading about Janie Bryant (Mad Men costume lady) doing a Mad-Men inspired line for QVC.  Now, as a girl who is fascinated by buying things AS SEEN ON TV (Magic Bullet anyone?!?!?) I was pretty excited about this because A:)  It’s retro, and B:) It’s (probably) affordable.
Back then, I thought the release date was September 2010, but I could never find anything related to it so I thought maybe it died a very cute death.
But then, while on TheFrisky.com, I saw a story about Bryant’s line coming out this weekend!  EEK!
Obviously, it’s all retro and gorgeous.  I’m going to tune in and see what’s available!  YAY for staying in on a Saturday night to watch QVC!  Who said I wasn’t cool?
Also, Bryant has an awesome style book that I recently scored from Urban Outfitters.

  Not only is it full of good advice for building a classically glamorous wardrobe, but there are so many gorgeous illustrations that I want to rip out and frame.

Bryant’s collections will be featured on QVC’s “The Buzz on the Red Carpet” show from 8 to 11 p.m. on Feb. 26. 

One Response to “Oh hi QVC”

  1. posidanielle February 25, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    Oh my that coat is gorgeous! I want, I want!! Please! haha. I'm going to go beg my hubs now!I will definitely be keeping a look out for this clothing line! 😀

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