Oh, to be a young fashion blogger.

18 Feb
See, I wish I could be all cool like Tavi and blog when I was seven about designer shoes.
Unfortunately, when I was seven, I was more interested in having Lisa Frank folders.  
I didn’t need to put anything in those folders.  I just needed to own every one.
I forget where I was going with this.  Instead, I’ve been looking at LISA FRANK merchandise for the last thirty minutes since I started writing this post.
Someone buy me this.
Okay.  Focusing!  FOCUS.  I stumbled across a folder of old outfit pictures from like two-three years ago.  You can see that I was doing the outfit of the day pictures BEFORE it was trendy.
So, without further ado, here were my outfits for a whole week in 2008-9.  
(Can you tell I was super busy at work today, and had no time to write something better?  SIGH.)
J Crew.

J Crew.

J Crew

J Crew

J Crew

J Crew

J Crew

Awesome MAC makeup.
I suppose this was during my days of working at J Crew.  Our employee discount was bomb, and so all my clothes reflected my constantly new, pretty purchases.
And check out that Ruby Woo!  I knew what was up!
I hope you all have lovely weekends!  I have lots of fun plans, and will have lots of great fashion, friends, and pictures to share!
Tigernach (or Tierney, if you want my slave name)

One Response to “Oh, to be a young fashion blogger.”

  1. Chalupa February 18, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    I remember you wanted a Lisa Frank Golden Retriever so bad! Wasn't his name Goldy?

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