Meet Cheryl from Orange Suitcase Vintage

10 Feb
Hola sports fans,
So, yesterday I promised a little introduction of my new friend Cheryl.  Not only does she have an amazing selection of reasonibley priced vintage clothes, but her personal style is pretty legit too.  I was able to ask her a few questions about her life, her style, and Orange Suitcase Vintage.
vintage 60s navy polka dot top with lace bib
vintage 60s orange buttondown high waist skirt.
vintage 50s birdie purse
hue knee highs
vintage 70s platforms
Tierney:  Tell me a little bit about yourself.  How’d you get into the world of vintage?
Cheryl:  Well.. I’m a 22 year old lady, whose primary language is Portuguese. I grew up in Boston and have a passion for everything vintage. I currently run an online shop called Orange Suitcase Vintage. At the age of five, my mom started taking me to thrift stores. I remember she wanted me to pick out a winter coat. As soon as she turned her back on me though, I headed straight for the furs. That’s what caught my eye. Needless to say my mother wouldn’t let me have a fur coat at the age of five but,  I still thought life would be more interesting with chic clothes. Wearing something that had already had a previous fabulous life seemed even better.
60s floral patchwork, empire dress, shortened by me for spring
T:  Why vintage ?

C:  Anyone can wear a blab old dress right off the rack, but vintage has a different feel to it.  Attitude.  History.  It’s not  just about making a fashion statement, or trying to be interesting,  Vintage IS wear able art in my eyes. The element of not being ordinary.   I Like clothing that creates an effect. I’m into the very dramatic. People take notice.  For me its about having fun, and getting myself into crazy adventures. When I look at something that I’ve worn, it hold memories. First dates, not so lovely break ups, different shows I’ve gone to, places I’ve lived, places I’ve traveled to, amazing people I’ve met.  Vintage has made my journey through life more interesting and now I get to share that with the world!
the blue & black number is actually the first dress i’ve ever made!
I took a 80s leotard and some excess black fabric from another dress. Not the smartest to work with spandex blend of fabric + a circle skirt for your first project..
I think I was up till like 4am finishing it. 


T:  Is it hard for you to part with certain things?

C:  Haha YES!  It can definitely be hard. I’m a lot better now, in the beginning it was wayyyy worse. I mean most of the clothes didn’t even fit me but I still kept them just kept it because I thought they were so beautiful.

T:  What was your favorite era of fashion? 

C:  Late 1960s early 70s. I love anything & everything mod + hippie. The bright colors, wild patterns, bell bottoms, platforms, breezy dresses, hair + make up, everything was so dramatic, I love it.
T:   What inspires you?

C:  Mostly music + beautiful boys inspire me.  I’ll never forget this one time my best friend and I went to go see this band we were really into. A bunch of b-e-a-u-t-f-u-l boys from California. So we’re just hanging out, and two of the boys make their way over to us. They started conversation, telling us that they took notice of our outfits, were impressed, complimented blah blah blah. It was very validating coming from boys who have traveled the world 5x over and live in a city known for fashion. It was such a good night. 
My friend and I never for got those crazy boys and those boys never forgot us, and our wild outfits.
 The rest is history….
Cheryl blogs about her vintage finds and favorite pieces, as well as maintains a wildly successful Ebay shop.  If you have decided you like her as much as I do, drop by her page and leave some adoring comments.  And, if you buy anything, let me know so I can obsess over it with you! 
70s bellbottoms with silver ascot secretary blouse
Yay for making new, fashsionable friends!

2 Responses to “Meet Cheryl from Orange Suitcase Vintage”

  1. nesha February 10, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

    her personal style rocks. loving her overknee socks and bright colours!

  2. Sophie February 10, 2011 at 5:51 pm #

    wow I love her dresses! How cute.

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