Playing House

7 Feb
Good afternoon, doll kittens,

I’ve been working on a to-do/wish list for my house.  I thought you might enjoy taking a peek!

Dining Room

Current Dining Room:
I love this table/banquette–it’s bar height, so my long legs can swing while I eat!

My vision:

1.       Paint the walls a semi-gloss black.
2.       Create boxes out of chair rail or using white paint.  White molding near the ceiling.
3.       Find vintage-y corner unit and paint accent color.

Living Room

Current living room:
Whitest walls of my life.  It looks so bachelor pad.
Well look at that.  I took this picture while we were watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Pretty amazing timing!

1.        Red walls.
2.       Light tan curtains (to match couch).  Tier’s note:  I already have a light tan couch with a dark brown leather base and trim.  And, obviously, I have faux fur leopard pillows and throws.
3.       Buy round chair to go near sliding glass door.
4.       Hang leopard frame over couch. 
5.       Fit book shelves next to couch.
Tier’s note:  While I am a voracious reader, I don’t have THAT many books.  Yet.  But one day, I will have rainbow bookshelves.    


Ahhh my counters are a little cluttered, but you get the general idea.


1.        Paint wall with cabinets same red as the living room.
2.       Keep lonely wall white, but add picture frames:

Downstairs Bathroom

1.        Leave bottom 2/3 white, but paint top 1/3 Tiffany blue.


2.       Hang white shelves and picture frames.
3.       White towels

Master Bedroom

I turned Target wine-racks into shoe cubbies!  SO SMART.

Why yes, I do have closets that span the entire wall.  (And yes, it is crammed to capacity.)
1.        Paint walls gray.

2.       Hang gray curtains along entire wall with sliding glass door and window.
3.       Make/buy quilted headboard.
4.       Queen size bed?  New mattress?
5.       New bedside table. 

 Guest Bedroom

1.        Turn into dressing room.
Tier’s note:  While I love the look of built-in closets and cabinets, I needed to do something a little less permanent.  By using racks, I can easily convert this room back into a third bedroom if the need arises.
2.       Buy vanity like Hemnes dressing table from Ikea.
3.       Organization Fixtures like picture:  Shoe rack…clothing rack.  Easy to break down/move if roommate comes.
4.       Find round chair for middle of room!  If chair does not exist, then big ottoman.

 I know it seems like a lot, but I want to tackle this little by little.  I’ve been in my gorgeous house for a little over a year, and I love it so much!



2 Responses to “Playing House”

  1. donna from Yumma Yumma February 7, 2011 at 11:49 pm #

    I love that last picture…the round segmented sofa thing! Very cool! I like the black/white dining room idea too.

  2. Meg (The Red Spoon) February 8, 2011 at 11:58 am #….Especially the black and white dinning room. I wanted to have a chocolate brown room, but my painter (aka dad) gave me a big fuss over it…and I was like IT'S MY HOUSE! Oh, well….at least I have a lot of red ❤ I also love the big round chair. KRob has one, and I was like…this is awesome! Let me know if you want help painting, I obviously have a lot of experience 😛

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