Sometimes being clumsy pays off.

3 Feb
I don’t care what any snooty fancypants fashion editor says–I love leggings.  They’re effortless and comfy and go with almost everything.  The minute I get home from work, I shed all the constricting clothing and pull on either my VS PINK yoga pants or regular leggings.  
A sad story:  On Saturday as I was going to meet my parents for brunch, I slipped on a patch of ice and fell on the ground.  (I was even wearing my clompy Kensington Uggs!  Come on, Uggs!  DO YOUR JOB!)  I don’t get embarrassed easily, so it wan’t the hugest deal except for…
I ripped a hole in the knee of my favorite leggings.  I even skinned my knee like a little kid, but–hey stop laughing at me!  

Obviously, I needed to replace them right away.  Due to my recent round of weight loss, none of my jeans fit anymore.  (Saggy butt!)  I’ve been loving my leggings extra, since I’m holding off on buying ALL new clothes until I’m at a place I want to be weight-wise.
Today during my lunch break, I popped into Forever 21 to buy a new black pair.  (I also got a navy pair since, well, duh.)
Then I saw it.
A floaty, comfy nautically striped dress WITH gold buttons.  I’ve been holding off on all my shopping lately, but it looked so good on, I had to buy it.  (It was only like $20!)
I can’t wait to wear it.  Maybe tonight.  ….with some leggings.

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