Baublebar is appealing to magpies like me.

2 Feb
So, if you know me well, you know I am attracted to anything and everything sparkly.  Baublebar not only has some of the prettiest, sparkliest jewelry around, but every piece literally looks like it’s a million bucks.  I kid you not.  Just out of curiousity, I filled up my cart with everything I thought I might need.  Fifteen pieces were around $500.  I think that’s a good deal…right? Right?!  Shhh someone give me $500.

Triple Cushion Drops $94

Peach and Citrine Antique Drops.  $38.

Gold Snake Link Necklace.  $48

Pave Wave Bangle.  $64

Coral Hexagon Bangle.  $36

Champagne Lariat.  $38
You have to become a member to shop, but what’s neat is that they have a standard “Classic Collection” of pretty things that are..well…classic.  Then, every month or so, they release “Trend Collections” that are…trendy…yeah yeah, I know my descriptors stink.   Some of the trend collections now are “Modern Vintage” and “Starry Night”.  
So pretty!  I think someone should buy me a few pieces for Valentine’s Day.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.


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