Things You Should By On Etsy. (Late edition.)

31 Jan
Sorry I’m ditzy and forgot to do this post on Friday.  (To be fair, I had a lot going on–like stressing about playing basketball against the current varsity team at my old high school.  The alumni scrimmage from time to time to help them practice, but 45 minutes on an elliptical does NOT EQUAL playing full court basketball for 45 minutes.  On the bright side, I lasted longer than I thought–it wasn’t until halfway through the third quarter when we went to man defense that I DIED.  15 points though…holla!  Where was I?  Darn it.)
Okay.  Etsy.  Hi, you’re cute.  You guys should go buy…
White Coral Throw Pillow by kainkain.  $21 (and no, I’m not being biased because the seller uses a double of my last name!)
Octopus Locket Necklace by CosmicFirefly.  $38.  (I’m seriously obsessed with every single item in this seller’s shop.  LIKE…OBSESSED.)
Nautical iPad sleeve by ambette.  $58.  (This basically matches my life.)
Vintage Tadashi dress by NuclearWardrobe.  $150.  (Now, this is a gorgeous dress, but prices like this are why I tend to never buy vintage on Etsy.)
  Vintage polka dot dress by littleorphanfannie.  $55  (Little better pricing.  I think the back is incredible on this–you can show a little skin without being skanky.)
Vintage polka dot dress by Pearlykiss.  $26.  (Can you see the kind of things I automatically gravitate towards?  I think I literally have four navy polka dot dresses hanging in my closet right now…)
Leopard print rabbit fur purse by Bagacause.   $50.  (Now, blah blah PETA, I know.  I love vintage fur though.  I love to hold my coat/purse/scarf in my lap and pet it like a crazy person when I’m bored.  SHH AND LET ME LOVE IT!)
Are you guys going to buy any of this?  Let me know!  Also, if you have a shop you want me to feature, just let me know!  Always happy to help my friends out!
(PS.  I really want those navy dresses.  REALLY BAD.  Hmmmmmmmm….)
PS.  I will do this every Friday.  I promise.  Someone remind me.
PPS.  Last week I got some AMAZING vintage dresses from my new friend Cheryl from Orange Suitcase Vintage.  I can’t wait to show you!  She has the best taste!

2 Responses to “Things You Should By On Etsy. (Late edition.)”

  1. Giselle January 31, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

    Omg, that Cosmic Firefly Etsy store is amazing, love the business card holders! Thanks for the tip 🙂 ~Giselle

  2. rjg23 January 31, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Hi…Um. So yes, we should be friends. Definitely. This list could have came directly from my brain and zapped onto your blog post. The stempunk shop is amazinggggg, my obsession with that started with a couple pairs of lace up boots. (I know you know what kind I'm talking about so I can stop right there) I have a rabbit fur lined hoody that I like to pet, too. We'll get splattered in red paint together. 🙂 I'm digging your birthday clutch I saw a few posts down as well…SUPER F A B ! ! ! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and for your kind words. You had me at hello.

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