Madewell is on Sale! GO go go!

21 Jan
If you haven’t heard of Madewell yet, then you might be considered slightly fashion challenged (or, in the very least, not in the “We heart J Crew Club of Obsession”.)

Think of Madewell as J Crew’s cooler, hipper little sister.  Celebs love it, and so do I.   (Their jeans are incredible!)  It still has a J Crew-y aesthetic, but really retains its own identity.

Want to try out Madewell?  Well darlings, here’s your chance.  Right now, you can take 30% off all their clearance AND you get free shipping.  There’s really no reason not to shop today.

Here’s what I want/need/love and will probably sacrifice groceries for this month.

What about you?  Has anyone else had a good experience shopping with Madwell?  I confess I’m biased since I used to work for J Crew, but I haven’t shopped there since losing my amazing discount.  (50-60% off all the time is pretty incredible…) There’s a Madewell store in right near my office in McLean, so maybe I’ll have to bite the metaphorical bullet and give it a try again.



One Response to “Madewell is on Sale! GO go go!”

  1. Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys January 21, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    I so want to shop at this place…. ….Also, yikes! on your accident. Glad you're ok and maintaining a sense of humour!

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