J Crew Factory is on Sale! Hurry!

21 Jan
I know, I know.  Another sale report–I promise I’m not trying to make you spend all your money, but because I love you all madly, I just want you to look as cute as humanly possible.
J Crew Outlet is pretty awesome if you love J Crew, but hate the high price points.  They consistently have almost identical pieces to J Crew, but just made out of not-as-nice materials (hence the lower cost).  
Sometimes I’ve noticed they’ll release stuff about a season behind J Crew, and in different colors.  (For instance, I have this gorgeoussss blue coat for work that retailed at J Crew for around $300.  About six months later, I visited a Factory Store, and saw the same coat in two different colors.  It didn’t feel as nice, but it was still beautiful.)
Anyway, here’s what you should go buy at the Factory Sale.  40% off clearance with free shipping (use JUSTSHOP at the checkout).

You know…I just realized how much advertising I do for J Crew.  Somebody should pay me for that–in sparkly ballet flats, preferably.

One Response to “J Crew Factory is on Sale! Hurry!”

  1. Lexi February 1, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    haha, ditto!! And I actually TALK about J.Crew more than I WEAR J.Crew. Their ads are always perfect … and any line that constantly reinvents ruffles and sequins, is awesome in my book.http://glitterandpearls.com/

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