Models without Makeup OR Making Tierney Feel Better About Herself.

14 Jan
Back 2532 years ago when I was working retail at the now defunct H Hilfiger (read: a luxury line started by Tommy in the early 2000’s that has since been absorbed by regular Hilfiger) store in Tyson’s Corner, I worked with a girl whose name I cannot remember.  She was tall and thin with beautiful red hair.  She wasn’t a girl that would cause you to look twice when she clomped by in the mall.  Then, one day, she brought in a modeling portfolio, and told me about how she had spent the weekend in NYC at a Trump hotel opening.  She was a model.  I flipped through her book, and I was stunned.  She was gorgeous.  The girl in the book looked nothing like the girl in front of me.
It’s funny how society places so much emphasis on how gorgeous models are, when in actuality, they are some pretty average girls who hit the genetic jackpot.  (Read:  tall and thin).   America’s Next Top Models shows us girl after girl who are almost homely, but photograph like flawless little smize-ing angels. 

I read an article by Model Management that goes into the girls behind the makeup.  It was fascinating.  Go read it here.   I don’t feel this way as much now that I’m older and more confident in myself, but I used to compare myself to those women constantly.  Do you guys feel like this kind of enhancing to women is bad for girls?  Or is it more (how I view it now) an artistic thing–like living art?


2 Responses to “Models without Makeup OR Making Tierney Feel Better About Herself.”

  1. Chalupa January 14, 2011 at 11:43 am #

    I've seen a certain Mac fan without her makeup and she is beautiful. She should put a before/after photo up.

  2. Sophie January 14, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

    I feel a teensy bit better about myself now. :)

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