Tierney is Taking Over.

12 Jan

Today, I want to talk about Tabitha Coffey.

Tabitha WHO? you may ask? Tabitha has a show on Bravo called “Tabitha’s Salon Takeover” and it is pretty brilliant. Basically, she goes into these trashy, failing hair salons and whips them into shape with her sharp Australian accent and sassy platinum hair.

Now, there is another reason I like Tabitha besides her biting wit and ability to whip idiots into shape. I. Love. Her. Style.

You might be wondering, “What in the world are you talking about, Tier?! She wears only black!” Yes, yes she does, my dear kittens. But look how she wears it! Sequins! Leather! Knits! The shapes! The textures! Tabitha is a wonderful example of how to dress mono-chromatically.

My job is at an extremely conservative firm, and most of my nutso (read: awesome) clothes are out of the question. No over the knee boots or leopard overdose or sequins allowed. As I don’t have the budget to completely revamp my wardrobe with basic pieces, I do tend to fulfill dress code by wearing mostly black. (Yesterday? Black sweater dress and black chevon tights. Today? Black lace dress and black chevon tights. Tomorrow? Black black ;alsdjfasljf. I can get away with a little more fun things if I keep it all in black.) Tabitha is a great inspiration to inject life into your basic black.

Iconic Presence Top
$36 – modcloth.com
Short sleeve tops »

Bandage knit skirt
49 GBP – karenmillen.com
Knit skirts »

Heels – Shoes & Footwear at Westfield
80 AUD – westfield.com.au
Shoes »

Effy Lace Up Wedge Boots
$88 – filthymagic.com

Keep Me Nikki tank
$55 – journelle.com
Racer back tank »

SmackyGlam Oxford Bottie
$63 – maruione.jp
Glam shoes »

57 GBP – farfetch.com
Black shoes »

Motel Doble Headed Cobra Belt : Naked
$36 – nakedboutique.com
Belts »

Dear Tabitha,

You can take my closet over any day!


First two pictures from http://www.smashbox.com


2 Responses to “Tierney is Taking Over.”

  1. Hayley January 12, 2011 at 7:14 pm #

    thank you for the comment!I love tabithas style but it would be very interesting to see her in anything other than black- im sure she woulddo it fabulously.

  2. Landon Thomas June 24, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    Hello there, I have Asperger's syndrome and OCD, which provides me with an impulsive need to mention this; don't be offended by my approach. It's Tabatha Coffey with 3 As, not Tabitha Coffey with 2 As and 1 E. It's an unconventional spelling I know but she's seems to be a relatively well known Aussie so we'll forgive her parents for it.You're also probably losing out on hits to your blog due to the meta-tags, of people looking for things related to Tabatha Coffey. maybe Blogger and/or Google makes up for spelling errors like this with their wizardry, but who knows – even they aren't perfect.I also wear only black and never a base of any other colour (OCCASIONALLY shades of grey, but that's not a colour either really anyway,) with just splashes, lines, and accents of colour. VERY much like Tabatha here which is probably why I am here now going on for days in the comments of a blog post from January.Some people say I'm "goth" but it's not really about that. The old goths know I'm not goth, we all have a good laugh about it. So yes I do mingle in the "goth" "scene," considered myself a part of it at times but really I think I just like not having to worry about colour coordination anymore, haha!The goth scene is kind of dead now anyway; (No pun intended.) Dead like how punk is dead, disco is dead. The original scene had it's day, made its impact, now it's over, no big deal. My point is, something new is emerging again in the wake of this, including being able to wear all black all the time (or at least quite often) and not be labelled a goth. We are not at that point yet, but it's headed that direction. More importantly people in general, (creative and fashionable youths such as ourselves more-so) seem to be taking things at face value because it's almost a complete waste of time to categorize social subcultures in this day and age, not that it isn't still interesting to do so.Anyway, that's my 25 cents, loving your blog and your intention with it. Hit me up sometime? I don't have a blog, (or I would probably invest what might be way too much time into it) but let me know here if you want to chat and I can send you an email or something.Ciao!- Landon Thomas

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