Audrina Patridge is kind of cool too.

7 Jan

It all started with a pair of Uggs.

You see, my darlings, I was in the Ugg-hating club for a long, long time. They were bulky. They gave you cankles. They were hardly glamorous. Then, a fateful day came when, I tried a pair on. It was like walking on clouds. I felt like I was in heaven on the clouds with Jesus. But, I couldn’t buy a pair. I had been so vocal about my hatred for Uggs. So, I secretly loved them from afar.

Then, one magical day, I found the Kensington Ugg, and I felt like my love could finally be set free. You see, the Kensington Ugg looked like tough girl motorcycle boots on the outside, and soft fluffy Jesus clouds on the inside.

I knew I had to own them. After scoring them ridiculously cheap at the Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale, I began to incorporate them into all areas of my life. Suddenly, they made me feel like a tough girl. I had an urge to buy a motorcycle jacket. I bought a glittery skull ring. I wanted to mosh.

No matter how glamorous the girl, sometimes it’s fun to tough things up. Audrina Patridge, while not as amazing as Lauren, has a neat sense of style. She’s all about the skinny jeans, the loose graphic tees and tanks, and black black black.

I kind of like it. Maybe I will let Audrina be my friend too.

Tier (who now is kind of craving a motorcycle)


2 Responses to “Audrina Patridge is kind of cool too.”

  1. Giselle January 8, 2011 at 12:10 am #

    I've been on the hunt for the perfect biker boot, a great way to be comfortable and fashionable. ~Giselle

  2. oystergirl January 8, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    These are cute! I was against UGGs for the longest time too… now I can't get through a winter without them!xoxox

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