American Eagle Has Suddenly Become Adorable

5 Jan

Hi dolls,

Okay, so, is it just me, or has American Eagle become SO CUTE lately?! I always wore Abercrombie in high school–eschewing AE as a wannabe (oh, to be a snotty teenager again), and I never go in their store now that I’m in my twenties.

But, after randomly admiring a sweater in their window, I checked out their website this morning.


So, here are a few ways I want to wear their clothes without looking all college-y again.

This dress is super cute, and while it’s still cold outside, I’d layer a sweater over top and belt it to keep things looking slim and trim. You could also stick a black turtleneck under that dress and be cute as a button. All the studded accessories tough it up a little. YUM!

AHHHH, my obsession! Anything nautical, I will gobble up like Reese cups. (Literally half my color coded closet is navy.)

This whole outfit speaks for itself. SO CUTE AND preppy and I love it.

This is the same coat in a different color. Obviously, I am beyond obsessed with it. I want it in both colors. I want to sleep in it.

I’m not so used to wearing green, but I will make an exception for this coat. And those shoes. And that bag. Hmmm. Maybe I do like green.

American Eagle, good job. You are officially cute now and I will shop at your store.



2 Responses to “American Eagle Has Suddenly Become Adorable”

  1. Chalupa January 5, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    I love the last two outfits. I too want that coat. You buy the navy, I'll buy the green and we can swap each week!

  2. Stephers January 8, 2011 at 12:49 am #

    Yes, Friend! I too have noticed this same thing. They are so awesome now.

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