Welcome 2011, Here’s to A Stronger You!

1 Jan
Happy New Year, Friends!! I hope you all had fabulous NYE celebrations!
Do you make resolutions for the new year? I must confess that I do not. Not because I do not keep them, but because I feel like anytime is a good time to start a good thing. Especially when it comes to looking your best and feeling great. So, I have dedicated this post to just that, which also happens to be one of the Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions—fitness.
Friends, I’m convinced that focusing on fitness will make you a stronger person in 2011. Why? Well, first of all, it did for me. I joined a gym (Yaye Gold’s!) and ran my first 5K in 2010. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I feel invincible. Secondly, exercise is scientifically proven to make you look and feel better. Period. And thirdly, because Ruby Woo and I believe in you. Friend, you’ve got this.


One Response to “Welcome 2011, Here’s to A Stronger You!”

  1. Tierney January 1, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    You can do it! Golds is the best!

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